Mission & Values

Mission & Values


We are committed to delivering a world class Professional Training and Consulting services to individuals, their communities and employers to increase the productivity of the workforce. We work in partnership with many private and public sector organizations to achieve this and to deliver excellence to our clients.


We believe that our vision will be best achieved by applying the following principles

Our approach is straight forward:

  • Help individuals to identify and achieve their educational and career goals.
  • Setting the highest possible standards of quality and service in the region, aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and human capital solutions.
  • Maintaining a customer-focused organization with a strong partnering culture.
  • Hiring certified, experienced and bilingual trainers and consultants and measuring them against a strict criterion of competencies and behaviours, as well as validating their intellectual capacity.


  • We are Person Centred, where the service received by a participant on any of our programmes is built on their current capacity, aspirations and needs.
  • We are Outcome Focussed, keeping a constant spotlight on what we must deliver for programme participants, our funders and ourselves.
  • We strive for Continuous Improvement in the way we run programmes and services, and in the way we run our organization.
  • We passionately promote and practice Equality and Diversity in how we engage with programme participants, staff, funders, partners, suppliers and others.
  • We Collaborate with others – partners, funders, other training providers – in an open and honest way, for the ongoing benefit of participants on our programmes.