Recruiter Information

Recruiter Information

HEC is the largest platform for international student recruitment to Asia, Europe, and North America. we’ve built with over 50 educational institutions, you’ll be able to provide your students with the most options at the best schools where they’ll be most successful.

HEC works with recruitment partners around the world to improve maximum access to education.

You can apply students to multiple programs at different schools simultaneously using a single universal application! Simply submit the application, along with any application fees, for each school you’re applying to and you’re all set

The HEC Team reviews each application we receive to ensure it is complete. Once reviewed, we submit applications to our partner schools and request a letter of acceptance or Letter of Eligibility . 

Through HEC submit your applications, your students can expect a 90% chance of acceptance to the institution of their choice! When we get the LOA/LOE, we will notify you and forward you the admission package

Once you receive the admission from HEC, reach out to your student to assist them with their visa application and travel documents.

Congratulations! Once Your student is successfully enrolled and Registered ! Within 2-3 days of confirming the student enrollment, you will receive your commission after (70) days.